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We have the products and the services you need. Our 15 years of experience has lent itself to the development of several ground breaking products. Need plans for a 300' reactor? Trying to build a residential home reactor? Need something custom designed? OSC has the knowledge to help you get your plans off the ground fast!

Did You Know?

Most agricultural and horticultural crops produced in the United States depend upon high levels of synthetic fertilizer and pesticide inputs to produce economically acceptable yields. This causes considerable envioronmental impacts, such as soil degradation and tainted ground water. Vermicomposting is one way to provide a viable alternative to these synthetic products.

Field trials on vegetables and fruit at OSU, provided convincing data that the use of vermicomposts may provide plants with insect repellant properties or at least make them less susceptible to insect attack.

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We have a full line of Residential Vermiculture plans and products.

Up to 300' Reactors or Custom Designed Projects. We have the experience to help you design, plan and build your project.

We have always been the place to go when you need Vermiculture information or products! And we still are.