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Western United States

(Oregon) - Providing scientific support, OrAgGrow offers feasibility studies, laboratory trials and analysis, pilot projects and studies, project management, equipment and education........ More



"For all your Organic Growing Needs"

Everwood Farm is a private Equestrian facility located in the heart of Oregon's Willamette Valley. They have been promoting sustainable organic agriculture for over 20 years and were one of the very first ventures locally to offer organic supplies. They are dedicated to doing their part healing the earth by providing farmers and gardeners with cost-effective, state-of-the-art organic growing supplies and the information and tools needed to apply them. They sell locally through retail outlets and nationwide via mail, phone, or on the internet, and strive to support organic growers at every level, from home gardeners to large commercial growers and worm farms...........More


Since 1996, VermiCo has been pleased to provide a wealth of information and products to thousands of people worldwide wanting to know more about earthworms and their many uses.

We have discovered that there are many different types of interest in vermiculture (breeding earthworms) and vermicomposting (converting organic waste into worm castings-a valuable soil amendment that acts like a bio-fertilizer and bio-insecticide)......... More

Eastern United States

(Kalamazoo, MI) - A Kalamazoo woman has spent more than three decades studying and reporting on worm composting-vermicomposting. Entrepreneur publisher and businesswoman Mary Appelhof aka Worm Woman has information and products to enable eco-conscious people of all ages an alternative to putting food wastes in the garbage can and ultimately the local landfill.

In 1972 Ms. Appelhof established Flowerfield Enterprises to research and develop more convenient systems for people to harness worms to process their kitchen wastes. She added Flower Press in 1976 to formalize her publishing ventures and by 1982 selfpublished her first "How-to" book titled.......... More


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Everyone needs to be concerned about the state of our natural resources. Osc is concerned, and is proud to be the leader in vermicuture research and development.

These are companies that share, with OSC the belief that vemicuture technology is the future for solid food waste disposal.

And we can help.

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