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Oregon Soil Corporation
Since 1988

Oregon Soil

Dan Holcombe


Oregon Soil Corporation was formed in 1988 to address biodegradable waste issues at the munincipal level, using vermiculture as management methology. Dan Holcombe the founder has been in the forefront of the Vermiculture industry since the company's inception.

Since then they have been the tip of the spear with regards to research and development of Vermiculture Technology.

Oregon Soil Corporation has been instrumental in introducing Vermiculture Waste Management for several Supermarkets, Restaurants, Institutions and Municipalities.

OSC can offer individually designed custom built reactors. And additionally the services and informational instruction that only 16 years of experience can offer.



Projects that Oregon Soils Corporation has been involved in.

Oregon Soils Corporation has been involved in many projects, these ground breaking projects have kept OSC at top of the industry in Vermiculture design, construction and implementation.


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From large commercial projects to small Vermicomposters Oregon Soil Corp can handle your needs.

We offer top quality Vermiculture Solutions. Call OSC today and start making a difference